More Notes on Windows Images

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This is a follow-up to Windows Images for OpenStack that includes some of the notes accumulated along the way. Other Docs Building Windows VM images is a topic that has been done to death, but the working consensus of those I've talked to is that Florent Flament's post is one of the best guides through this minefield. Metadata Server Curl Commands Instance UUID: curl | python -c 'import sys, json; print json.load(sys.stdin)["uuid"]' Instance Name: curl | python -c 'import sys, json; print json.load(sys.stdin)["name"]' Fixed IP: curl Floating IP: curl Building on an OpenStack Cloud One of

Windows Images for OpenStack

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There is no shortage of articles online about building Windows images for use in various clouds. What there is a shortage of are working articles on building these images unattended. The Windows unattended install process has been basically solved, even if still a bit arcane. But finding more than a trivial example of doing it in a cloud is sparse. Cloudbase has shared the tooling they created for building their Windows images. That makes a good base for an automated build process that can be tailored to your particular needs. in addition to being the authors of cloudbase-init, their GitHub

OpenStack Icehouse Developer Summit

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OpenStack has had a global reach since the early days but the Design Summits have always been a US-based affair. Last week we finally took the every-six-month roadshow off-continent and ventured out to Hong Kong. Of course the Conference is co-located and concurrent but I didn't make it to any of those sessions this time and only knew it was there by going to lunch in the expo hall and seeing some familiar vendor faces. We begin with the projects most subject to my attention, DevStack, Grenade and OpenStackClient. DevStack This is the first summit where DevStack has program status

Cloud Image Updates

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Update! Update! Update! A while back I started documenting the image build process I've been using for building OpenStack cloud images: A Fedora 18 Image for OpenStack A CentOS 6 Image for OpenStack Note that Ubuntu is missing from that list, due mostly to their published UEC images being generally good enough as a starting point. Fedora 19 finally has a similar image published, let's see how different it is and if it is useful for my purposed... Also, all of these images have rng-tools added as it is useful on clouds that provide a usable virtualized /dev/random in their

DevStack Local Config

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[Updated 10 Oct 2013 to reflect the released state of ``local.conf``] DevStack has long had an extremely simple mechanism to add arbitrary configuration entries to nova.conf, EXTRA_OPTS. It was handy and even duplicated in the Neutron configuration in a number of places. However, it did not scale well: a new variable and expansion loop is required for each file/section combination. And now the time has come for a replacement... Requirements localrc has served well in its capacity of the sole container of local configuration. Being a single file makes it easy to track and share known working DevStack configurations. Any

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