QA Code Sprint

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Last week (Mar 25-27) a handful of OpenStack QA Team members gathered at HP's Chelsea office to Get Some Code Written and Merged. We had a small list of priorities and some amazement at the amount of stuff the morning caterer could fit into a single box. [Note to self: get a magic catering box to store oversized project todo list]

I was focused primarily on DevStack although some discussion took place around some future direction on Grenade plugins (see below). Much actual work was accomplished by others present in spite of Matt's attempts to feed us into submission. Dang, those short ribs were good...


There are two major priorities for DevStack: run services in virtual environments and use Neutron as the default network stack.


Sean Collins (sc68cal) was present [1] and is taking on most of the work to get Neutron supported as the default. We had given him some constraints to be the default, being use of a single interface and using linuxbridge rather than Open vSwitch. Other Sean had the single interface work mostly complete and after one false start it was merged.

The selection of linuxbridge seems to be a bit controversial but the thinking goes like this: DevStack's default should be simple and not require a huge learning curve. The linuxbridge configuration is an intermediate step between nova-network and full-blown Neutron-with-OVS and is totally adequate for a large number of use cases. If it is not a valid use case, then we feel it should be totally removed from Neutron.

Other Sean sent a WIP review into the gate to see just how badly linuxbridge is as it is not currently tested in the gate AT ALL! Unsurprisingly it has a number of failures, but is not a total washout.

DevStack's Neutron code is in bad shape. It has been continually updated by many people who do not understand the Big Picture. I blame myself for not staying on top of this code and allowing it to diverge from the rest of DevStack's style and implementation. Other Sean found a number of inconsistencies in variable names and uses as he tried to get the single interface work done and we came to the inevitable conclusion that it was time to start over.

lib/neutron was renamed to lib/neutron-legacy in review 167684 and I put together the first cut as a new lib/neutron that takes a similar form to the rest of DevStack in 168438. This is a stripped-down subset that has a number of changes:

  • Service names are renamed to neutron-api, neutron-agent, etc.
  • At this point, only the API service and basic agents are intended to be started.

But what about the plugins? What about the advanced services? What about the vendors? I can't do it all at once. The first priority is to get a 'minimum viable Neutron' configuration to use as the default. The old code was renamed not removed, and exactly zero of the configuration variables and service names have changed. Nothing should be directly importing lib/neutron* so that change is handled in DevStack and Grenade already. After we have working linuxbridge and ovs configurations we can look at what else needs to be included.

The advanced services should be implemented as plugins in the same manner that we are doing with other layer 3 and higher services. Vendor plugins will be removed from the tree when the legacy code is removed and should also be moved to out-of-tree plugins.

Virtual Environments

The first set of virtual environment (venv) support was finally merged. This work has exposed a number of assumptions on both DevStack and the projects themselves that have needed to be handled. The most recent is that rootwrap is called from the services without a fully-qualified path, relying on a PATH search. Normally this is a Bad Thing(TM) in conjunction with sudo use, and I think that applies to this situation too. When venvs are active, the {project}-rootwrap binary is not in the system PATH, nor the one configured in sudo's secure_path. We need to now add each venv /bin directory to the secure_path so the {project}-rootwrap binary can be found.

Review 168773 extracts the basic rootwrap configuration for Cinder and Nova into lib/rootwrap and adds a function to maintain a useful secure_path setting for sudo.

Other DevStack Bits

Sean Dague (sdague) nuked the INSTALL_TESTONLY_PACKAGES setting and set the code to always install those packages, ie as if INSTALL_TESTONLY_PACKAGES=True. We felt that the evolution of DevStack no longer made sense to maintain this distinction, some may argue it never was needed in the first place. They can now say 'I told you so' and buy us a $COLD_BEVERAGE in Vancouver.

Some travel delays and spotty on-board wifi on the trip home led to a semi-irregular cleanup review that fixed a bunch of Shocco docs build errors and spellings and comment spacings and most importantly, the capitalization of 'DevStack'.


The Grenade plugin story has not been completed, it is in the first set of draft rewrites to remove the zombies and vampires and make it just a 'plugin exiled to project repo' kind of story.

There were a pair of minor reviews landed to support the DevStack/Neutron rework but they demanded more lines and were relegated to the 'C' story that parallels Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, who of course are now dead.

[1]great, another Sean, spelled the same way even. Let's call him 'Other Sean'