Cloud Image Updates

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Update! Update! Update!

A while back I started documenting the image build process I've been using for building OpenStack cloud images:

Note that Ubuntu is missing from that list, due mostly to their published UEC images being generally good enough as a starting point. Fedora 19 finally has a similar image published, let's see how different it is and if it is useful for my purposed...

Also, all of these images have rng-tools added as it is useful on clouds that provide a usable virtualized /dev/random in their hypervisor.

Fedora 19

Grab the new F19 cloud image; the QCOW2 version is ready to go!

It's surprisingly close! There aren't any standout differences save for the inclusion of sendmail and procmail, which I've specifically removed in my kickstart.

  • install rng-tools
  • remove sendmail and/or procmail if present
  • clean up OpenSSH host keys

CentOS 6

This is still a basic installation with a bunch of cruft removes such as all of the firmware packages that are useless in a virtual environment.

  • stop getty on all vconsoles except /dev/tty1
  • install rng-tools
  • install cloud-init
  • teach device mapper to not auto-generate virtual network devices
  • add support for growing the root filesystem at first boot

Ubuntu 12.04

Just for completeness I'll list what I do:

  • install rng-tools
  • clean up Device Mapper and OpenSSH host keys