Cloud Image Updates

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Update! Update! Update! A while back I started documenting the image build process I've been using for building OpenStack cloud images: A Fedora 18 Image for OpenStack A CentOS 6 Image for OpenStack Note that Ubuntu is missing from that list, due mostly to their published UEC images being generally good enough as a starting point. Fedora 19 finally has a similar image published, let's see how different it is and if it is useful for my purposed... Also, all of these images have rng-tools added as it is useful on clouds that provide a usable virtualized /dev/random in their

A Fedora 18 Image for OpenStack

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[Updated 01Oct2013 to correct spelling and command formatting] Building images to boot in a cloud can be a lot of fun, especially since no two clouds are built alike. Now fortunately the differences are mostly minor, but some of the minor differences can be fatal. Ugh. Good News The recent release of Fedora 18 brought with it a pleasant surprise, the build of some images suitable for loading into your favorite cloud, ala Ubuntu's UEC images. The mailing list notice gives the background and a reply in that thread mentions some desirable changes. So in order to make those changes

A Fedora 17 Image for OpenStack

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This worked well enough but has been superceeded by ``appliance-creator`` Ubuntu has these nice UEC images that make a great base for cloud appliances. Fedora has nothing official although there are a couple of older images floating around (links please!). Nothing for Fedora 17 though. Let's build one! The most flexible image builder seems to be oz, as it runs the standard install process and can build nearly anything that boots in KVM. There are some specific requirements for libguestfs and that usually doesn't work properly in a VM. This all had to be done on bare metal. Even then,