Securing OpenStack Client Connections Part 1

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We all know that the difference between https and http is the addition of encryption, right? Of course, but less attention is paid to the other purposes of SSL and TLS: to verify one or both of the parties involved in the connection and to validate that the objects used in the verification meet certain criteria. [1] In the common case of a user directing a web browser to a 'secure' site, only one side is potentially validated, that being the server. Maybe. Browsers generally go a good job of performing server certificate verification and validation but other https clients

Devstack At One

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First birthdays are always fun...especially the bit where the birthday kidlet is encouraged to make a mess of the cake to the mild amusement of the adults present. At least that's how it worked in the little burg where I grew up. (Little burg? Isn't that redundant?) My parents have pictures of me doing that, I have pictures of my kids doing that, I anticipate the cycle will continue someday. Now that the OpenStack Grizzly Design Summit is over I realize that DevStack is just over a year old, having been shown off for the first time at the Essex

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